Develop students’ observation skills and fuel their imagination and creativity

Primary drawing classes are designed to develop children's interest in drawing and expressing themselves in the form of painting. The learning process can also help to cultivate children's self-confidence, patience, and perseverance.

According to the different age groups, the studio offers Primary 1 drawing class ( 4 to 5 years old ) and Primary 2 drawing class ( 6 to 8 years old ) in the forms of both online and offline courses.

In the classes, students will obtain an understanding of the relationship between graphics and colours and learn how to express themselves through various types of paintings and using different drawing tools.

Types of painting: watercolour painting, gouache painting, and colour strokes, etc.

Types of drawing tools: crayons, brushes, chalks, and pencils, etc.

The studio focuses on cultivating children's observation skills, while also fuelling their imagination and creativity.
Encourages the students to use their own painting language to express the imaginary world in their hearts and let them truly experience the joy of painting!

The studio also offers outdoor activities and field trips such as outdoor sketching or art museum visits. The studio holds art exhibitions for students regularly.

All these art activities are aiming to let the students truly experience the charm of drawing to unlock their wisdom and let their dreams take off!